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  1. All going well then…

    Must admit I always wondered why a float isn’t provided. After all, a bus is a mobile shop selling transport (in a way), and shops always seem to provide a float to their staff so change can be given…

  2. They have a point though; not providing a float is an example of outrageously poor customer service on the part of the company. As no similar cash trading business would dream of operating in such a way (certainly not without letting people know about it anyway), it’s not going to be high on a passenger’s list of expectations.

    They need to either provide a float, or else be honest about it and admit that they want to be exact fare only. *This* would make passengers realise!

    It’s the small things like that that make bus travel an unattractive alternative to… almost anything…

  3. I never knew a float wasn’t provided, as most passengers wouldn’t.

    As Barry says maybe they should make the buses exact fare only like in Nottingham for example

  4. Had same problem , but the company can do nothing to you if you decide not to provide a float, just follow procedure an fill out unpaid fare form for anyone who doesn’t have any change, this will take extra time, you will then run late and have to miss mileage, none of which the company can book you for. If enough of us did this It wouldn’t be long before we all get a company float or some kind of correct fare policy is introduced.

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