Conversations #3

“One and a Half to Stony Stratford please”

“How old is the child please?”

“Under Sixteen”

“Yes, But how old are they please?”


“That will be an Adult fare then, Child fares are only available for 14 Years and Under,

7 Responses to Conversations #3

  1. Where is your xmas spirit….you use to be such a nice driver when you were in Aylesbury…NOT!!!!…carry on the good work HUMBUG

  2. But if the child is UNDER sixteen when it’s IN London then it must be the same age IN Milton Keynes or do kids age when they leave London? Your not on the same page are you James ::GG::

  3. …and apparently Arriva explorer tickets aren’t accepted on Metro’s buses. But I can have a ‘free ride’ to the Rail Station anyway…

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