…It will have been 4 weeks tomorrow since I took my last Methotrexate tablet for my Psoriasis.

I’ve gone from 98% clear “normal” skin to what’s below in just 4 weeks…


Just 4 weeks for it to start covering me again. I started taking the tablets last September. They gave me headaches, Made me want to throw up at least once a week and sometimes for days at a time, Made me so tired that I wanted to permanently sleep, But they cleared my skin. What I had been wanting since I was 14.

How quickly I’d forgotten the Pain & soreness that I put up with 24/7, The constant itching and scratching, The never ending hassle of applying various creams and moisturisers. But now it’s back, New red spots appearing almost daily, back to covering up again even when it’s hot & sunny, Back to having people stare at my arms, Seeing in their face that they either are dying to ask me what it is, but won’t, Or thinking they should get away as quickly as possible and avoid me as I may be contagious….and my Specialist wonders why it gets me down and why I have so much trouble making friends/Talking to strangers!!

For all the side effects those tablets brought upon me I’d take em again if I could.

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  1. I know I sell them now, so technically I have a vested interest but there have been some good results with Bioflow magnetic wristbands and psoriasis and if it doesn’t work within 90 days you get a refund, might be worth a try.

  2. Poor you. I take it for different reasons (20mg per week) and suffer the same symptoms,a constant sick feeling, tiredness e.t.c. Hope they can find an alternative for you that suits you better.

  3. know the feeling well, suffer with eczema quite badly, people avoid you like you got the plague or something so know what your going through.

  4. Oh poor you xxxx i kind of know what your going through cos lee suffers excema really bad and is going through a bad patch at the mo xxx

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