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Today I received an email reply from MK Council with a proposed plan for the new Bus Turning lanes in the City Centre.


Looks like each turning lane is going to be “kerbed” off from other traffic on the actual turn, So normal traffic will turn left from the centre lane instead.

This means on both corners the buses will not have to stop for the traffic lights, being able to just drive straight through. Should save a couple of minutes.

Buses coming from the Rail Station, that turn right from Midsummer Boulevard to Saxon Gate will get prioity over other traffic with a bus activated traffic light at the end of Midsummer Bus Lane, Letting the bus ahead of the queue for the “proper” traffic lights at the Junction.

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  1. Excellent – and about time! I recall suggesting something like this to Stuart at the Council the best part of 5 years ago – it will make a massive difference.

  2. Actually…what it doesn’t mention is what will happen to the Midsummer Place car park access – if they follow these plans the turning will be across a bus lane, which while it is workable elsewhere is decidedly sub-optimal there especially when very busy. The best answer I could come up with to that was that the bus lane on Saxon St should be the *right* lane, with a signalised crossover at the end. But another option may just be to have it accessed via Avebury Boulevard only.

  3. If they would just run buses straight down Midsummer Bowlevard like they used to. It would even save a few more minutes!

    I do sometimes think the people at the Council who are seam to spend a lot of money encouraging people to use buses can’t see that passengers don’t like being diverted round a Shopping Centre or going along very narrow & circular streets in West MK estates adding to journey times. It is so quick driving around MK people aren’t going to be tempted to use the bus if it take 4 times longer than the car.

    All I ever do is rant on this forum, sorry in advance!!!

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