Notice to Email Notfication readers

Just a quick note to everyone, The blog maybe offline from time to time while it is moved to a new server over the weekend. (It’s actually outgrown the current hosting company, Unthinkable when I first started it!).

If you subscribe to the email notifications service, You may need to re-register when then blog has moved. I’ll add you all manually once the transfer has taken place so will let you all know the outcome.


Thanks all!!


Professional Matt

During the course of my blogging, You’ve got to meet a couple of people from it…

The most famous being Mrs C and her Pink Hi-Vis… She even has her own Facebook fan club now LOL

and then, only a few weeks ago, You all got to put a face to the name “CowFacedRatBag”…

Well today we introduce you to another regular commenter on here, “Professional Matt”, who also drives a bus at MK Metro, and here he is!


So the next time he’s driving your bus, Feel free to congratulate him on his colour choice of rubber gloves

Blog updates by email

Just a quick post about some changes.

For the past few weeks, My blog has been going offline are various points of the day, Mostly due to the Database server that hold all the posts being overloaded.

As of now the blog is with a new hosting company that should be more reliable. I’ve already noticed that the blog loads faster, So far I’m impressed.

During the move I lost the list of email addresses that were subscribed to receive an email each time i blogged about something, So these people will now need to signup again.

Cheers everyone.