15 Responses to Calling all Bus Geeks! (and everyone else too!!)

  1. The Bottom one, the main destination is so blatantly obvious so it will reduce the silly question….. Does this bus go to Bletchley????

  2. Are you now the MK Metro technical man James?

    Out of these two I prefer the bottom one. The desination is in bigger letters with a few calling points shown.

    I must admit I preferred the original layout when the buses first got the electronic blinds. This I think had the destination at the top and calling points scrolling alongs the bottom.

  3. I like the bottom one. Seems very clear, for some reason looks quite professional and it includes via points, while emphasizing the final destination.

  4. I don’t think that matters to be honest James, no matter how clearly your destination is displayed the majority of people still get on the bus asking “do you go to… (insert random destination here whether on your route or not)”

  5. I know what you are saying James but the important message is where the bus terminates. The via points are a luxury.

    I definately think having the destination and the via points the same size is confusing.

    • Hmmmm, well I updated all of Arden Park’s buses yesterday with the ‘bottom’ format to see if it grows on me.

      ‘wolverton” as a destination needs something more as it looks silly on it’s own… Maybe Wolverton Agora or Wolverton Town Centre would look better :-/

  6. I tend to like the destination being specific e.g. “Wolverton Agora” rather than “Wolverton”, “Bletchley Bus Station” rather than “Bletchley”, “CMK The Point”/ “Central Rail Station” rather than “City Centre” etc. Just makes things a bit clearer and removes any confusion.

    • And that’s how I’ve now done them on the latest update, you should start to see “Wolverton Agora” on buses from today.

  7. Excellent James. I’m in MK at the weekend so will have a look for your handywork.

    Incidently what was the reason for getting rid of the scrolling via displays?

    • Well apparantly there is some VOSA rule that you are now not allowed scrolling text on the side and rear blinds… And I just think having static/flashing text on the front is clearer than scrolling.

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