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  1. James in a mood………….nah…………never!!!

    So, me not bein a bus type person, dun’t understand what’s up??.
    (Please note the Yorkshire twang)

    In the days when I took the bus, the driver (or even the “ding ding move along the bus please” conductor)would wind a handle and the sign would change!

    hmmm I have sooooooooo left myself open to James’ wickedly sharp tongue.
    a) for the age thing
    b) for the Yorkshire thing
    c) just for not knowing

    Oh well, in for a penny…………and yes James I do remember when we had trolley buses and when you could just jump on a bus without waiting for a door to open!!

  2. At Bedford, when the destination blinds do not work, we are “given” a blank piece of A4 and have to find our own board marker and write the number ourselves. It is then stuck to the inside of the windscreen by the sticky part of megarider wallets. And I sooooooo hope soemone in management reads this because for a company our size it is positively shameful.
    Occasionally we are handed a printed board, such as you have dispalyed in your bus. However, it is not often and they soon go missing so we have to revert to pen and paper. I had one recently written with purple highlighter. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to read a number written in purple highlighter stuck to the inside of a windscreen which is wet with rain. I made my own using the same paper and black boardmarker I carry for the purpose.
    [NB] You can not stick it in the clear sweep of the wipers because it contravenes “construction and use” regulations regarding blocking the windscreen.

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