Arriva announce May Service Changes

On the 22nd May bus services across Milton Keynes will be changing.  On our key services, the changes are being made to improve punctuality and reliability and to better reflect the current demand for our services.  Other services are having to change to reflect the changes to MK Council’s contracted services.  Where there are new operators for services, please contact MK Council for more information or pick up one of the Travel Guides at local outlets including MKube on Midsummer Blvd, opposite the Point.

Listed below are the details of the changes for each service

Route 1
Newton Longville or Fenny Stratford – Bletchley – MK Hospital – CMK & Rail Station – Newport Pagnell – Olney& Lavendon or Cranfield

Following customer feedback we intend to simplify this service and current 1/1A/1B/1C and X9 are changed to:
• Half hourly service between Bletchley and Newport Pagnell
• At the north end, one bus an hour will go to Cranfield and one bus an hour will go to Lavendon
• At the south end, one bus an hour will go to Lavendon and one bus an hour will go to Fenny Stratford
• 1A service will operate on Sundays only between Lavendon and Bedford
• Connection from Olney/Lavendon on weekdays  to Bedford is withdrawn and replaced  and covered by the Stagecoach P1 service
• Stagecoach will also operate a replacement 1C service to Stagsden and Chicheley from Bedford & Milton Keynes

Route 2
Westcroft – Kingsmead – Oxhley Park – Grange Farm – CMK & Rail Station – Downs Barn – Willen – Poet’s Estate – Newport Pagnell

• Minor changes to the timetable
• Revised Sunday route between MK Station and CMK
• The service will also not operate via Hazeley School and Kingsmead at the request of MK Council

Route 3
Woburn Sands – Wavendon – Kingston – Open University – Monkston – CMK & Rail Station

• Between Woburn Sands and MK Central station there are no significant changes however service is withdrawn from Fishermead due to low usage and to improve journey times to CMK.
• Fishermead section is replaced by MK Council routes 28 and 29.
• Service between MK Central Station, Bradville and Bradwell Village is to be replaced by MK Council routes 23 and 33.

Route 4 & 4A
Bletchley – Far Bletchley – MK Hospital – Springfield – CMK & Rail Station – Two Mile Ash – Wolverton

• Mon – Fri the service between Bletchley and MK Central Rail station continues to operate up to every 7/8 mins.  On Saturdays it will operate up to every 10 minutes
• The link between Two Mile Ash and Wolverton is restored on this service
• North of CMK buses will operated up to every 15 mins, Mon- Fri and up to every 20 mins on Saturdays.
• Improved faster journey times between Greenleys and CMK and the service will also serve Hodge Lea
• The service to Shenley Church End is replaced by service 7 (see below for more detail)
• Service to Crownhill will be replaced by MK Council route 28

Route 5
Wolverton – Stony Stratford – Bradville – CMK & Rail Station – MK Hospital – Bletchley – Lakes Estate

• Route will not longer serve Hodge Lea (will now be served by route 4)
• Adjustments to timetable to improve timekeeping across route

Route 7
Bletchley –  – Furzton – Shenley Church End – CMK & Rail Station – Neath Hill – Bradville – Oakridge Park – Wolverton

• Service between Greenleys and Wolverton will now be operated by Route 4
• No change to the route between Wolverton and CMK
• Will now serve Shenley Church End
• Route 7A withdrawn and section between CMK and Bletchley is replaced by MK Council route 28.
• Service 7 will continue to operate up to every 30 minutes on weekdays between CMK and Bletchley via Furzton
• Service will also serve the new development at Oakridge Park once infrastructure is in place

Route 8 8A
Westcroft – Shenley Brook End – CMK & Rail Station – Kingston – Walnut Tree – Caldecotte – Bletchley

• Minor changes to timetable to improve reliability
• No change to routes

Route 14
• Service is withdrawn following loss of funding from Northampton CC route is replaced by Stagecoach service, 89.

Route 25
• This service will be operated by Vale Travel under contract to MK Council

Route 30/31
• There are no changes to these services

Route 32
• There are no changes to this service

Route 33
• This service will be operated by Z&S under contract to MK Council

Route 42/43
• This service will be operated by Z&S under contract to MK Council

Route 80
• This service will no longer operate

Route 150
Aylesbury – Leighton Buzzard – CMK
• The Sunday service will not longer operate via Bletchley or Little Brickhill.  This change is effective from 15th May

Route 300 – Platinum MK
Magna Park – Coachway – Broughton Gate – Kingston – CMK & Rail Station
• A new timetable was introduced on 21 April following the opening of the A5130

Route 639 School Service
• This route will be operated by Z&S under contract to MK Council

There are changes to other services currently not operated by Arriva and you can find out more information by visiting the MK Council’s transport pages by clicking here


8 Responses to Arriva announce May Service Changes

  1. Not as bad as I originally thought. Places that seem to have lost out big time in the town are Crownhill (2 to 1 bus per hour) and Furzton and one of the Shenley’s (from 4 to 2 buses an hour). What do you think James?

    Arriva seem to be operating a much reduced service. Have they ditched a load of drivers?

  2. According to MK Council the withdrawn 3 between Bradville and CMK is replace by hourly Z&S contracted 18 serving the original route 6 via Heelands and Bradwell Common. The 18 will continue to Bletchley via the existing 18 route except for a diversion to the hospital stop in Standing Way. The 33 is diverted through Bradwell old Village, while Grant Palmer 23 apparently runs Marlborough Roundabout – Great Linford – CMK, not replacing the 3, but a final timetable is not yet available.

  3. The 7 will also run a longer route (the old 7A route) all the time. But then again this may have a benefit, as it will remove the rather troublesome (due to the queues) bit of Child’s Way between Shenley Lodge and Watling St, replaced with the traffic light controlled junction at the bottom of Shenley Lodge. This is in my view likely to make peak travel times more consistent with the rest of the day.

  4. does this all mean a reduced vehicle requirement from the 22nd and if so which ones are likely to be leaving? regards to you. love the website.

    • Sorry for the delay in replying Terry, I completely forgot about it!
      The buses that are leaving MK are:

  5. Thanks for the info re the departing buses but have seen 3521,3522 & 5103 in service today.Has there been a change of plan? Also any idea why one of the scanias is still in route5 livery? regards.

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