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I Just don’t believe my luck. For the second time in as many months my Bank Account has been cleared out by somebody using a clone of my Debit Card. Last month is was a Sainsburys in East Kilbride, Scotland. This month it’s somebody recharging their “Sawa” Prepaid credit Card in the Middle East. Each time they have made repeated transactions until there is no money left.

Looking at the places I use my card I card think of any time where the card has not been in my view. It only really gets used in Tesco, To pay my mobile Phone Bill and for Sky TV. I shred all my receipts so it’s got to have been ‘skimmed’ at one of the above places. 🙁

So from now on it’s going to be:

  • The card NEVER leaves my sight
  • Use a Prepaid Card for all Internet and Phone Transactions
  • Any bills that need paying will be by Bank Transfer instead of Card

Oh and so now of course I have about £20 to my name as my Card has been blocked and I have no access to money.

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  1. Himself had this last month with his debit card – ‘fortunately’ it was close to the end of the month, so they couldn’t take much before they hit his overdraft limit. Absolute pain in the arse though (although I have to say, for once, LloydsTSB were excellent)

  2. I had a credit card payment at ASDA declined once when I had two shopping trolleys full of food to pay for. Visa rang me (for once I had my mobile with me and turned on) saying had I spent XYZ in ABC…… soomeone had blown over £2K on my credit card. Company were excellent in refunding and sorting but the embaressment was fun…….luckily I did have other means to buy the shopping just meant I had no cash for anything else. The annoying thing is as well is that more places are not taking cheques and forcing us to use cards and call centres etc are NOT secure and no matter how careful we are fraud is too easily committed.

  3. Somebody cleared out £300 from my bank account. The stupid thing was that I’d basically tried to pay for my shopping in Eastcote one day, but somebody had cleared my account minutes beforehand, all the way in somewhere in Enfield, then the bank goes about accusing you, as if you’re the one who has given out your PIN. As if! I said that it wasn’t possible for me to be in two places at one time!

    Sometimes I wonder whether the banks have any common sense whatsoever when going over fraud cases. I never got the money back either, which was painful as I had no money at the time for a few months, sending me past my overdraft limit because my direct debits for bills had come through (which the £300 was supposed to cover).

    I do hope you get it all sorted out soon.

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