Whaddon Way gets extra buses

Well it looks like the Lakes Estate and Whaddon Way areas of Bletchley are to get a few extra buses during the day, If the Councils website is anything to go by in the shape of Route 44 by On a Mission coaches…


Now, Going by the councils routing details on this page I “THINK” that this is the way the route is going to go…

(Please remember this all I think it’s going to be, I don’t 100% know as it’s not been released anywhere that I know of)



The rumour is that it’s going to be a flat single fare of

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  1. This reminds me of the mid 90’s when R & I Travel (InterMK) and then Challenger competed with MK Citybus/Metro on a similar route. Strangly the Citybus routes competing with them were numbered 43 and 44 I think.

  2. This sounds similar to the mid 90’s when R & I (InterMK) and then Challenger competed on similar routes with MK Citybus/Metro. Strangely the MK Citybus routes were numbered 43 and 44 I think.

  3. Presumably, then, this commercial service is why the Council-proposed subsidised MK Metro “daytime 26E” didn’t happen? One purpose of that was to give Grafton St its service back that it lost when the 23 went.

    What I think is more interesting is the “circle line” / “OU staff bus” 25. I wonder how well that will pay, and how much in for the long term On a Mission are?

    Bus-wise I hear they’ve acquired a load of deckers from Lothian, which probably means they will be in very good nick if a bit old (and possibly 2-door unless they’ve converted them).

  4. Blimey double deckers! They will get wrecked quickly with all the low hanging trees. Scottish buses in MK, I remember when we had Metrobuses from the West Midlands at the end of their life.

  5. Just seen the timetable for the 44. Every 30 mins. Doesn’t really seem frequent enough to compete properly with the MK Metro routes. I wouldn’t have thought people would specifically wait for these services while watching MK Metro buses pass by

  6. …unless they’re going to make the fare very cheap.

    The increased 9 service is most welcome, though – the route has been somewhat marginalised for some time. The new 26 is an odd one, though – half hourly but only in the peak! I wonder if a better solution might be to re-route the 6 away from the hospital (and make it a west-of-city service attached to something else) on the grounds that (if they ran it in via the 26E route) you could do a same-stop connection onto/off a 4 every 10 minutes at the stop on Standing Way.

  7. A flat fare of a pound might be enough but I would have thought it should be every 20 mins at the minimum.

    The thing with the 9/7A is excellent. Will be a lot better for my Dad to get to the Dentist in Furzton. We were only saying a few months ago the 9 was a neglected route.

    With regards to the 6, that is difficult. As you say it goes via the hospital, I presume that is the reason for its routing. One would think the sort of people who want to go to the hospital wouldn’t want to change buses. Maybe reduce the frequency to hourly and run a 26E during the day every 30 mins.

  8. The 7A thing makes absolute sense, as well – I don’t know if they’ve actually done it that way, but if I read the timetable correctly as it was last time round, it didn’t actually cost them an extra bus to get the 20 minute frequency – it could just be done by not running the two sets of buses through the City to each terminate at the “wrong” end.

  9. Well imagine would help as kids at Lord Grey now have to go to Leon for some lessons (sixth form that is!)

  10. I can’t see any details of this new route 25 on the council website. Has this route been abandoned or just been left off the timetables by mistake?

  11. Something odd has happened with both that and the 30/31 in that it is no longer to be operated by Z&S but retained by Metro. I’m not sure if this is due to some problem with Z&S or because Metro have taken the routes commercial for some reason.

    Notably, the new 25 will lose the section from the Hospital to Bletchley (not really a problem as there are enough 5s to change to!) and will run to a different timetable – and if I’m reading things right won’t have a Saturday service?!

    See the news bit of Metro’s website for more details.

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