Well I finally got round to fixing the Terramundi, and I think it looks okay.


Tomorrow at work is going to be interesting as one of the other bus operators, Metroline, are on strike and they run a bus route parallel to the 114 so I think it’s gonna be rather busy. 🙁

Had a letter from IVA people today asking for confirmation that I’m not paying into a pension. Not sure how i’m supposed to give them confirmation if i’m not paying into one. Also got to send them details of my new Pay rates as my pay has increased, But also evidence that my Travel to work costs have gone up. I’m hoping that this means eachother cancel themselves out and they won’t increase my payments.

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  1. Fingers crossed that your payments don’t increase, James.. and your terramundi looks fine 😀 Will your repair survive all the money you put in it tho 😛
    Lynne x

  2. Those Terramundis actually glue together really well. Mine got broken in my bag one morning in the tube, and I managed to piece it together no probs!

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