You’d think that if you got on a bus with a ticket machine all taped up like that, You’d quite rightly assume that the machine isn’t working, and when you’re told by the driver to “just take a seat” you wouldn’t just stand there blankly staring at said driver like a lemon, to only be told a further two times to “just take a seat, The machine isn’t working”, Thus the bus wouldn’t be held up for an extra couple of minutes

…If only the world worked that way.

3 Responses to Sorry?!

  1. They’ve obviously travelled on your bus before and therefore know you, so you telling them just to sit down without taking money off them had them stunned and amazed!! I’m still stunned and amazed!! I’m suprised you didn’t pull up at the bus stop, open the doors and just as they’re stepping on board, say “go away, my ticket machine isn’t working so you can’t get on” and pull away as you close the doors on their leg. You’re getting nicer in your old age!

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