Quiz Time #6

Put put your hand out for the bus…

The bus pulls up…

The doors open and you get on….

This is what you see… (You’ll just have to pretend there’s a driver there! lol)


What’s the first thing you’d say to the driver? (keep it clean! :-))

11 Responses to Quiz Time #6

  1. I like this game how about…Is this a Metro Bus? Am I in Milton Keynes? Are the trains running today? Do you ever smile? Can I drive your bus?

  2. Are you the bus driver?
    You decided to get out of bed today?
    Does this bus go to Brisbane?
    Why aren’t the trains running?

  3. What about:

    “You’re late”

    Despite the fact that you can see the massive queues and roadworks all around!!

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