Arriva Bus App updated

The Arriva Bus App was updated a few days ago, Seems to be more accurate than the previous version.

The system works with the ETM (Ticket Machine) doing all the work, Which means that we no longer have to have seperate RTPI equipment onboard the bus.  The ticket machine polls in to the Arriva server every 22 seconds telling it where it is in the world and the server cross references this against the published timetable and works out from that if its Early, Late or On time.


You can now select that it shows you the last known position of the bus, Rather than its estimated location… A much better option as you now know that the bus was actually at the place on the map.




All that needs to happen now is to get more ETM’s polling in to the system accurately.

Bus Driver of The Year

A day spent at arriva’s regional finals of Bus Driver of The Year, Sadly the entrant for MK didn’t get through to the next stage.

MK Depot arrived in style by bus. (Although I'm not sure why it's parked in the Car Park) Thanks to "markkirk85" on Flickr for use of the photo

MK Depot arrived in style by bus. (Although I’m not sure why it’s parked in the Car Park)
Thanks to “markkirk85” on Flickr for use of the photo

Slightly different bus to travel on..


Bus Fire in CMK

A Redline bus caught fire today at the old Bus Station in CMK today..



Pictures used with permission from MKFM

Going by the flames in the first picture it seems they were very lucky that there wasn’t more damage done to the Bus Station/Buszy

There has been unconfirmed reports that the bus had mechanical issues earlier in the day, but of course that could be something completely unrelated.

Route 321 – vanished! (For now)

Well this afternoon has been interesting.
With almost no notice, Meridian Bus seem to have suspended their 5 day old route 321!

No explanation given so far, and their website has no mention of the route at all. Rumours on Facebook range from a engineer that’s phoned in sick to the Redline service 21 not charging fares for this week.

MK Council are advising passengers on the City Centre to Olney section to catch the 21. Passengers for the Buckingham end of the route I’d suggest either the X5 or 32.

Route 321 & 21 start

It’s all going on in Olney!

Arriva announced that they were cutting part of the Route 1, With the service now terminating at Newport Pagnell, Which left the Newport to Olney/Lavendon section unserved.

As is normal in these kind of situations, MK Council looked at a Contracted route which was awarded to Redline who started their 21 service.


Redline Dart at Olney - Photo copyright of "mk_tom" on Flickr

Redline Dart at Olney – Photo copyright of “mk_tom” on Flickr

The route Runs from Lavendon to CMK via Olney, Newport Pagnell and taking a slightly different route through MK that the Arriva 1

But what makes this route change interesting is that another Bus Company, new to our area, has started a commercial route of their own from Olney to CMK and onwards to Buckingham and Steeple Claydon.

Meridan Bus Dart on service 321 at Newport Pagnell.  Photo copyright of "lucas.d410" on Flickr

Meridan Bus Dart on service 321 at Newport Pagnell. Photo copyright of “lucas.d410” on Flickr


This route is run, according to the MKC Timetable Guide by Britannia Bus Ltd, But the buses (and their facebook page) seem to be operated by Meridan Bus.

Note: After a bit of research before posting this blog entry it seems that one is owned by the other


So, now you’ve got a Tendered service that’s almost competing with a commercial service, which obviously isn’t allowed… What will happen?? Who know’s!!

I don’t know enough about the legal side of all these events, But if Brittania/Meridan extend their route to Lavendon then I think they’ve got a pretty good case!


I do feel that Redline, Through no fault of their own have been kinda landed in the middle of all this, How they would be compensated would be anyone’s guess!

Who’d of thought the quite parts of Rural Bucks/MK would end up with such an interesting bus service!


I plan to give both the 21 and 321 a trip over the weekend to see what these new services are all about. I do think Brittania/Meridian need to decide which company name is operating their new route, as some members of the public may be confused on who’s running what, But that’s purely a personal opinion, nothing more.



Changes to Bus Stops in CMK

The main City Centre stops by The Point had a bit of a switch around on Sunday with services stopping at different stops in an attempt to stop some of the congestion, Mainly caused by the out of town services unable to pull into the stop outside McDonald’s properly and then blocking the road…


Picture of coach not quite fitting on the old stop at McDonald’s Copyright of MK_Tom on Flickr

Below is the new map and stopping arrangements.








April Service Changes


Today saw various Service and stop changes in Milton Keynes.

The latest MK Council Travel Guide can be downloaded here or picked up from Council Offices, Libraries and the Arrive Mkube office in CMK


Route 1:

Revised route and timetable. Journeys will not serve Granby and will terminate at Newport Pagnell. For replacement services to Olney and Lavendon see services 21 and 321. For replacement service to Granby see service 19


Route 2:

Revised stops at The Point, Central Milton Keynes


Route 4:

Revised stops at The Point, Central Milton Keynes


Route 5A:
Replaced by changes to route 5 and new route 6.

Route 5/6:

Replaces routes 5/5A via Fullers Slade and Stony Stratford


Route 7:

Revised timetable


Route 8:

Revised timetable.


Route 11/11A/12/12A:

Revised route and timetable


Route 13:

Revised stops at The Point, Central Milton Keynes


Route 17:

Revised timetable


Route 18:

Revised route and timetable


Route 19:

Revised route and timetable. Journeys to operate via Granby and extended to Milton Keynes Central Rail Station. Evening and Sunday journeys operate to Bradville via Bradwell Common and Heelands


Route 21:

New route operated by Redline, between Central Milton Keynes to Lavendon via Newport Pagnell and Olney. Please note that services will depart Milton Keynes Central Station from stop Y3, and not stop Y5 as displayed in the timetable below and in the updated Milton Keynes Travel Guide.


Route 23:

Revised stops at The Point, Central Milton Keynes


Route 24/25:

Revised route and timetable.


Route 28:

Red Rose now operating this service on Sundays and Public Holidays, in addition to Mondays to Saturdays


Route 30/31:

New operator, Red Rose, minor revisions to timetable


Route 33/33A:

Revised timetable with new terminus in Northampton and revised stops at The Point, Central Milton Keynes


Route 37:

Revised route and timetable. New operator, Vale Travel.


Route 40:

Revised stops at The Point, Central Milton Keynes


Route 41:

Revised termini in Northampton and Bedford.


Route 50:

Revised stops at The Point, Central Milton Keynes


Route 51:

New Monday to Friday lunchtime shuttle between Tilbrook and Kingston.


Route 52:

New route between Milton Keynes Hospital and Bedford via Central Milton Keynes and Cranfield


Route 80/X80:

Revised stops at The Point, Central Milton Keynes


Route 89:

Revised timetable with new terminus in Northampton.  Revised stops at The Point, Central Milton Keynes


Route 99:

Revised stops at The Point, Central Milton Keynes


Route 101:

Replaced by route 321.

Route 150:

Revised timetable


Route 197:

Revised timetable. Please note that service 197 also operates a return journey from Biggleswade to Central Milton Keynes on Saturdays. Services on Saturdays depart from Biggleswade at 0912 and from Central Milton Keynes (The Point, stop H3) at 1400, and do not serve Toddington, Henlow or Langford.


Route 300:

Revised stops at The Point, Central Milton Keynes


Route 321:

New route operated by Britannia Bus Ltd, between Olney and Steeple Claydon via Newport Pagnell, Central Milton Keynes, and Buckingham.


Route 602:

Revised route and timetable

Route 603:

Revised route and timetable


Route 605:

Revised route and timetable.

Route 607:
Revised route and timetable.

Route 673:
Aylesbury schools service, not previously included.

Route 750:
New Aylesbury schools service.

Route C1/C10:
Revised route and timetable.

Route N5:
Service withdrawn. Partially replaced by additional journeys on routes 5 and 6.

Route X4:
Revised timetable with new stops in Northampton.

Route X5:
Revised timetable.

Route X7:
Revised timetable with new stops in Northampton.

Route X31:
Revised timetable.

Time for a Personal Update :-O

Well who would’ve thought it, A personal update on here!… It has after all been ages!


So what do I have to tell you? Nothing that exciting in all honesty!

Let start with health Issues.  Anyone that knows me will know I’ve had Psoriasis since my mid teens, It’s never really responded very well to any treatments, Normally showing improvement for a few weeks or months before deciding to fight back.  I’m long past using creams and ointments and I’ve had my lifetimes fill of UVA Light treatment (Basically controlled use of a hospital sunbed). In the meantime I’ve developed horrible joint and muscle pains over the past few years which is a suspected combination psoriatic arthritis and Ankylosing spondylitis (I’m hoping for a proper diagnosis this week at a hospital review), which I’ve been using painkillers to try an at least take the edge off the pain. In the meantime some new biological drugs have been invented, All very expensive and difficult to be accepted for with many hoops to jump through.

Last year I finally met all the criteria to use Humira.  This drug is injected into your thigh once a fortnight using this automatic Pen thing, It bloody hurts like hell when it goes in!, This drug was like a miracle cure!! All my pain went away within 8 hours of my first injection, I couldn’t believe it… I was practically bouncing across the yard at work lol.  All was going well until about 3 months in when that was it, My skin suddenly went from clear to covered in a matter of days so that was the end of that.


Since then I have been using another type of injection called Stelara, Even more expensive that the Humira, and only injected once every three months.  It’s worked great for my skin but sadly it does absolutely nothing for my Joint pain so I’m back to square one with that and have been struggling along with the pain for the past 9 months trying various painkillers to see if they help.  None have really, with one having some particulary horrible withdrawal symptoms once I stopped using it.  I am now just using co-codamol with reduces the pain to muddle through until the next appointment with the rheumatologist, and combining it with Physio, Acupuncture, diet & exercise.



On the subject of diet & exercise, Last February I joined a Gym!! This was seen as many as very strange behaviour for me!  Even weirder, I decided with a workmate to share a personal trainer! :-O


To date I have lost 66lbs and gained a fair bit of muscle, Which I’m hoping will protect my joints a bit more by making them stronger and of course less damage to them by losing the extra weight I’m carrying.


So far I am actually enjoying it, and seeing some muscle form, especially on my arms, is quite a good feeling.  Still got a fair way to go but I’m still plodding along with it.

Can you see the difference?? (I can’t! lol)

314 617

There isn’t really a lot else to tell you.  I now do the same split duty at work every day so I can go to Physio and hospital , So I am on the same timed buses Monday to Friday, Which I guess is ideal for anyone looking to stalk me lol.


Tell me what’s been going on it your lives in the comments. :-)