New gadget

I got myself a new gadget this week, a Flip Video ultra.. It’s like a pocket video recorder…. So for your delights I videoed my day at work and condensed it into 1 minute and something seconds..

I’ll update with the rest of my week later.


12 Responses to New gadget

  1. @ Lynne:

    I don’t read I just point and look at the pictures and guess what they are
    on about 😛

    Anyway I’m more surprised that noones commented on my singing lol

  2. In Stagecoach they are Megarider wallets, very adhesive. I think our Engineering Staff use them to hold engine parts in place in emergency.

    Good blog by the way.

  3. Singing!!!! How can we comment on singing when there wasn’t any?? Ohhhhhhhh you mean that tuneless warble?

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