Never mind All Aboard.. It could be All Change!

Well I MAY have to change the image at the top of my blog in the near future as i’m thinking about leaving buses altogether. After a rather unpleasent incident on my bus yesterday I’ve kinda lost all interest.

Going to apply to ASDA, Argos and Woolworths tonight for Lorry Driving jobs.


Well I’ve decided to move off of the 114 and try a different route, The 183, which passes far fewer schools. That should make the day a little more pleasureable.

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  1. I really do feel for bus drivers who have to go through the whole rigmarole of passing through school-dominated areas.

    There is a school route bus (the 678) that goes from Stratford to Beckton, cutting across the paths of virtually every primary and secondary school in Newham. Though only six buses operate the route Mon-Fri (3 in the morning, 3 in the afternoon), the sheer hell and terror those bus drivers must feel is probably unmeasurable.

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