Musical Boredom

When I’m waiting to start a bus route, and I start to get bored, I start to play out various songs on the Emergency alarm test button on the Dashboard.. See if you can guess what the tune is, nearly everybody in the country knows this song… and yes I already know I’m weird so noone needs to tell me 😛


9 Responses to Musical Boredom

  1. lol.. I have no idea.. knowing your musical skills it could be anything! And even if you already know it.. it does no harm reminding you that you are weird.

  2. Lynne: Well I knew you’d have to remind me that i’m weird… The only thing is, is
    that you are far far weirder that me!

  3. I only know nursery rhymes or rude rugby songs? Or is it “I’m a bored bus driver and Im weird” It fits you know……………

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