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  1. Good point Neil. It does seem unbelievably difficult to keep the right buses on the right routes. Not sure whether they have yet, but the new buses (for the 4 & 5) have been painted in red/orange but no branding. What is the point?

  2. In response to the posts above, has anybody actually witnessed any allocators at Metro? No? My point entirely.

    Metro operates out of two garages, so you would imagine (like Arriva at Stevenage), that each has its own allocated buses/routes/drivers. However at Metro although the drivers are (generally) allocated to a garage, it’s not uncommon for a bus to leave Wolverton in the morning and arrive at Bleak Hall in the evening and vice versa. In view of this, I hope this goes someway to understanding why even painting their buses in route colours is still not enough to actually get them on the right routes.

    At the risk of being laughed at, I would suggest that Arriva would add some solidity to this process (thus making it more like Stevenage) once they actually make their mark on things. How dare I suggest some common sense!

  3. That does make a bit of sense as to why it’s so wildly out – but it doesn’t explain why they don’t just give up on it. Is there some edict from on high in Arriva mandating route branding? Or was it seen as a way of phasing Metro colours out rather than a “big bang”?

    So is there no allocation at all, then? i.e. a driver books on then is just told to take out the right type of bus for the route rather than a particular one?

    • Drivers are allocated set buses during the day, bus can generally take their pick in the evenings.

      I think the problem now is that we have too many route coloured buses, so they are going to end up on the wrong routes from time to time.

      If there is a breakdown or a shortage of buses, I think it’s far better to get a replacement bus painted up for the wrong route rather than no bus at all. :-/

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