Do I stay or do I go?

Well it’s all in the title.  For the last three months or so, i’ve been thinking about leaving Arriva, and going to work for the local bus company MK Metro (  This has been going on for three months because I can’t commit meself to one option of the other lol.  I love my job, but i don’t like the company I work for, I want to leave, but don’t want to leave me workmates. Another (important) factor is that currently I earn

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  1. Well…………. you have to do whats going to benefit you in the long run. For 6 months I have juggled 2 jobs, a weekday one and a weekend one, I have worked for one for 4 years and I love it, love the people I work with, its better hourly rate, enjoy the job because its costomer orientated, I get to use my artistic talents and all that rubbish, other one is boring and mundane, scrape the bucket minimum hourly rate but is 22 1/2 hours a week and means I qualify for working tax credit. I cant do both anymore, Im too tired, so today took the bull by the horns and handed in my notice at the weekend one…..sad day……..yet another “end of” I have had too many “end of’s” this year. I will miss my work mates, I will miss the fun, I will miss the money but what I will gain is my weekends back, no more working bank holidays, some time for myself, not so much rushing about, less stress hopefully.

    I havent had much to be positive about this year, hopefully next will be positive endings positive cutting ties, letting me move on………who knows…….I cant cry forever can I?????

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