Bus Crash Update

Somebody asked me for a picture of the damage caused to the bus that crashed on Saturday (See earlier post), So here it is.


Damage to Bus that Crashed into Building in Harrow last Saturday


Looks like the the Pillar has “snapped” too so not quite sure what’s going to happen to it now.


Well Yesterday was as busy as I had feared because of the Metroline Strike, Lost of confused and anoyed member of the public taking it out on us.. One started having ago about me being on strike to which I replied “Does it look like i’m sitting here on Strike?!” Some people just don’t listen


Metroline buses all stacked up at Edgware Garage

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  1. I don’t understand why you are amazed that people have a go at you for the woes of the world. Its a well known fact that BusDrivers are in fact, the human representatives of Satan on Earth. This is evidenced by their perperual snarls and lack of human empathy.

    See – you’re a natural at it

    ::outta here::
    L xxxx

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