Aylesbury Depot News

Have just received a couple of pictures of the first repainted bus to arrive back at Aylesbury. Buses on Red Route 9 and Blue Route 2 are being painted different colours (Red and Blue, Obviously). 3485 is the first to return repainted and with new seat covers….


101 0864

101 0869

Have also been told that the Wycombe Solo’s might not be coming to Aylesbury after all. Two different rumours are going around. One that they will stay at Wycombe and the other that them will be going to MK Metro.

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  1. Looking good for 2 or 3 year old buses, I wouldn’t lose any sleep over the Solo’s also it looks like half your interior lights aren’t working in that Dart, unless you can switch them off independantly?

  2. Peter – Well to be honest I don’t think you would want to switch only one side of lights on. But having a switch for each side means that if one stops working, you still have lights down one half of the bus.

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