Am I allowed to moan?

Hmmmmm I feel a little guilty posting this….brbrI do realise its done for free….brbrAnd I know that the person doing it has a full time job….brbrBut Im getting rather fed up that doesnt get updated from one week to the next….brbrPerhaps I should do my own one :-/

3 Responses to Am I allowed to moan?

  1. I used to send updates but more often than not my news and photos were credited to somebody else. I accept the odd human error but it started to happen more or less every issue so in the end I stopped making the effort.

  2. I can accept that it takes time to do it but ever since the pages were split into sections things have got worse, with missing bits and incorrect links.

    I would rather wait longer for the whole piece.

    Overall though it is still execellent. I certainally couldn’t do it!

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