Almost the end

Some days I wonder why I do the job I do…

This evening, While driving the last 500 that goes back to Aylesbury from Watford, The bus ran out of diesel at Berkhamstead.

This lady (I use the term VERY loosely) came stomping down the stairs and said..

“Get on the f***ing phone to your f****ing office and tell then I want a Taxi to take me home and they can f***ing pay for it”

After telling her to not speak to me like a piece of shit, I rang the depot who advised that they wouldn’t book the taxi and that she could get one if she liked, Got a receipt and tried to claim it back from ARRIVA.

This was relayed to said lady who then continued to F and blind for a few more seconds. Then her other half asked if I’ve tried to start the bus in gear. This brings a look of puzzlement to my face as I can’t quite see how thats going to change the fact that the bus is out of diesel. I explain that the bus is an automatic, So if it is in gear the ignition won’t work.

The reply “But have you tried it?”

I chose to just ignore him.

Anyway they go off walking towards Berko to find a taxi, and the couple of other passengers wait with me for the engineers from Hemel Hempstead to arrive with fuel.

About 40 minutes later we are back on the road and as I get into Berko Town centre these two are waiting at the bus stop.

I pull up and open the doors and ask “what happened to the Taxi?”

The reply was “Are you some sort of f***ing C*** of summat?! You told us you had run out of diesel”

I tried to explain that we had and that now the engineers had put some more in the bus we could go again.

This was met with “You lying c***. You must have to be a wanker to get this job or summat”

This continued for the rest of the trip, Until the lady got off, Who then walked straight infront of the bus so I had to hit the brakes and then threw a large stone and a number of eggs at my cab window and told me i was “A F***ing knob”.

At Aylesbury her other half got off and told me “I’ll look out for you around town and I’m gonna do ya” and walked off.

After a very unpleasant 40 minutes driving (Well after my proper finish time), and with alot of other stuff (which I may blog about later) going round my mind I shut the doors, and burst into tears on the drive back to the yard. πŸ™

Yes I know I’m a big girl, But it really got to me today… Today was the day I nearly gave it all up.

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  1. There is no way this person would have got back on my bus. Once someone is abusive to the extent of using swear words to discribe me then I explain that they can *** off and walk home. Not only that, I would get on the radio and tell the drivers behind who would also tell them that travelling by bus is not an option open to them; so *** off.

  2. You ARE a big girl :oO But you are MY big girl ;o) Teach you to be a saddo bus driver ;oD (hits send on another contraversial post and waits to get flamed by those not in the knowlololol)

  3. Sorry to hear of the bitch on your bus. Did your report her to the police?

    I remember reading the rota system of the Aylesbury depot website. I used to catch buses driven by the 8 or so drivers on the Bicester rota. I.E service 16/7/8 they seemed very quite especially 18.

    What about swapping rota or isn’t that an option.

  4. Tim, I’m already on the waiting list for a number of rotas. The problem being that apart from the Bicester rota all the others do a bit of everything.

  5. Hey, just ran across your blog whilst randomly surfing across work-related blogs. The couple in this story sound like horrible chavs, who hopefully will lack the common sense to cross the road safely in the near future. Sorry to hear you had to go through something like that – it’s pretty clear you were just trying to do your job.

  6. Just came across this posting – absolutely shocking you should be subjected to that when trying to help people in your job.

    NOBODY deserves that kind of abuse when just going about their job – and you’re a lot more tolerant than me. I’d have warned them once about the abuse then I would have kicked them off.

    Jeremy Clarkson summed people like that up with a recent comment which sticks in my mind. “I honestly believe that some people have started to mate with vegetables”.

    Hope you soon got over that.

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