The week that was

What a long week it’s been!122 mile round trip to work every day this week as I’ve been over to High Wycombe depot supervising the installation of cab radios for drivers to communicate with the depot while out on the road. 

 This has been my project to implement at Milton Keynes, Aylesbury and now Wycombe. As of course the buses are not available during the day it’s meant I’ve had to be at each depot through the night while the radio company install them in each bus…… You don’t realise how hard it is to keep warm in the early hours when you aren’t doing anything!

It’s been weird working at night and having the daytime to do stuff, my PT sessions at the gym were moved to afternoons for the week but I couldn’t get my head round the fact I shouldn’t be at work lol. 

Quite a productive week as I managed to collect a couple of vending machines to refurb and hopefully site in the near future….

Also, I’ve seen these labels to put on machines and have decided to partly Nick their idea and give all my machines names! 😀


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