Sleep, Sleep, SLEEP!

It’s 1:15am and ive been in bed since 11pm, but i cant sleep.  So i’ve logged back on.  Why is there never anyone to chat to on your buddy list when yer bored huh?



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  1. Probs because they are too busy being bored offline ;o) Or sobbing into pillows or worrying about having no money or pushing endless reams of boring paperwork about or sitting staring at unfinished housework with no inclination to do it? Or there is a slim chance that at 1.15am they took emselves off to bed? Scarey thought for AOL members that lolololol.

    I wanna know why my postman delivers more mail that I either throw in the bin without a second glance or scrawl "GONE AWAY" in huge big black letters all over than mail I'd actually LIKE to receive or actually get? 2 letters this am and nowt for me <sighs> Used to fill me with a weird evil sense of HA! when returning letters now it just feels rather sad???

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