October already!

Well again it’s been over a month since my last posting.

I’ve not really had much to write about as work is painfully boring at the moment.

My Psoriasis has gone mad in the last few days, and I spent most of Saturday morning at the Hospital being seen by a specialist. It’s now been decided that I shall take a rather nasty drug called Methotrexate. This comes with a delightful side order of Weekly Blood Tests, The possibility of a Liver Biopsy and the feeling of nausea for around three days after taking the drug. But even with all that, If it clears my skin I’ll be happy! and taking a tablet once a week sounds much better than having to apply creams twice (or more) a day.


This is gonna sound really sad, and well, I don’t care! 😀

I went to the London Transport Museum shop in Covent Garden a few weeks back and saw these cushions… Not any old cushions you must understand, But cushions that have been made out of London Bus Seats of yesteryear, and ever since then I’ve wanted one. I popped down there yesterday and got myself one 🙂

IMG 0739


News from work is that we will be receiving a couple of brand new buses. This is unheard of in Aylesbury!!

The two Optare Solo’s were originally purchased for High Wycombe depot for a route to Thame, But when they arrived it was noted that they didn’t fit on the stops at Wycombe Bus Station (Why this wasn’t thought about before they spent the money on them is anyones guess!).

But Wycombe’s misfortune is our gain and they should be arriving shortly…

wycombe solo

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  2. Tim – If they come to Aylesbury (which is looking doubtful now) then they will just be used as general buses and could end up on anything.

    Gene – I don’t doubt that for a second, I don’t like the Council Solo’s we have now!

  3. I have decided you are a total saddo and I bet you are the kind of person who buys a T shirt emblazened with the name of your saddo town across the front! Anyone who wants to buy one of these cushions needs to go get a life and a pair of sunglasses. I am not sure in which order………

  4. Phylis: I have decided you are a total saddo and I bet you are the kind of person who sits at their computer with nothing better to do than post idiotic comments to fill the void in your life!

    I have decided that you feel that your life is so sad that you feel the need to try and make yourself feel better by insulting people for no reason!

    Anyone who feels the need to post these kinds of comments needs to evaluate their current situation…

    I’m sure everyone here envies you.

  5. Got one of those cushions last Christmas – gutted they didn’t have any Met Line moquette ones from the pre-refurbed A stocks though. 🙁

    Creams are a bum. My eczema is flaring up in patches at the moment and I’m getting no relief. It’s this recent cold snap! Argh!

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