“I’ve lost the gears AGAIN”

Apologies for not posting in a while.

I started back at Arriva a couple of weeks ago now and everything seems to be going okay. Had to go through all the training again which was a bit of a bore, and as I knew the trainer he picked on me for nearly every question.

After a few days in the classroom at Luton it was off to our depots. The first day there was a bit of piss taking by the drivers I knew there from the last time, But it only lasted a day. After that it felt like I hadn’t left the place, Which was nice but also scary at the same time. I jumped in a bus and went off to Oxford like I’d only been away from the job a few days!

So far this week I’ve managed to Breakdown three times in various buses.. I really did miss these extra “breaks” at Transdev 😉


One Broken down Bus – Luckily next to a shop 😉

Also, In the past 5 days I’ve been “spotted” while I’m at work and had my photograph taken..





On Saturday I got my new Co-op Bank debit card. Seemed to take them ages to open the account, well 13 days to be honest So I’m just being picky. Now we have the great task of moving all the Direct Debits about. Oh and since I’ve opened this account I’ve found out about a Credit Union for Transport Workers that offer a Current Account with a VISA Delta card and no credit check, Might apply. LOL…

…and I’m waiting on a cheque to clear that’s for my final wage at Transdev, Might buy myself a decent Digital SLR camera with it. 😀

Oh and I’m working on some marketing stuff for our depot, Will post more about it later.

I need a Bank Account


After whats happened in the past few days with my bank account has been used by various other people I’ve been looking at getting another account.

The problem being that because I’m in an IVA I have a very limited choice of who will accept me.

Infact there is only about 4 banks that will take me on with no credit check and only 1 out of that 4 that will give you a Debit Card (Yes one of those manky Electron ones), and that bank is The Co-op. So after spending nearly an hour on the phone to them giving them every possible personal detail about me the computer still comes back with “Referred”, So I still have to wait for a decision. Grrrr! 🙁

Your Transaction has been declined

I Just don’t believe my luck. For the second time in as many months my Bank Account has been cleared out by somebody using a clone of my Debit Card. Last month is was a Sainsburys in East Kilbride, Scotland. This month it’s somebody recharging their “Sawa” Prepaid credit Card in the Middle East. Each time they have made repeated transactions until there is no money left.

Looking at the places I use my card I card think of any time where the card has not been in my view. It only really gets used in Tesco, To pay my mobile Phone Bill and for Sky TV. I shred all my receipts so it’s got to have been ‘skimmed’ at one of the above places. 🙁

So from now on it’s going to be:

  • The card NEVER leaves my sight
  • Use a Prepaid Card for all Internet and Phone Transactions
  • Any bills that need paying will be by Bank Transfer instead of Card

Oh and so now of course I have about £20 to my name as my Card has been blocked and I have no access to money.

More Dealz!


I’m so glad I changed to o2 PAYG from my ‘3’ contract.

They are now doing now doing another deal ontop of all the other free stuff I get. 🙂 500 minutes every month to my fave o2 mobile number for free for the next three months.

Clubcard Challenge

ccardI’ve decided to set myself a challenge and see how many Tesco Clubcard points I can gain within 12 months.

If you get any Extra Points vouchers out of the till (Not ones on clubcard statements) for stuff you wouldn’t normally buy, Please contact me about sending them for me to use 🙂 Thanks

o2 3G…AOL…Being Lazy & IVA’s

Are there any o2 experts out there?

Ever since I switched over to o2’s 3G service I’ve stopped getting Delivery Reports when I send an SMS… and this I find really annoying as it’s a handy way of finding out if people are ignoring me lol (Not that I’m paranoid or anything!).

Well I finally got a date for moving over to Route 183 which is the 3rd March. Work will be so much more relaxing than the route I’m on at the moment…. All I need now is a new image for the top of the blog.

Why do I seem to have such trouble trying to convince people that I know on AOL to start using MSN Messenger?! Have they been brainwashed my AOL into thinking that is is evil or something?? They just don’t seem to be able to grasp the simple fact that it it far superior than AOL Instant Messaging system! The reason I’m trying to get people to switchover is because I’m shutting my AOL account down (well I deleted the software off my PC a number of weeks ago and have stopped using the email addresses) as I think the whole service has gone downhill very rapidly. I guess I’m just gonna have to work on these people harder.. Perhaps they just don’t wanna talk anymore LOL.

I’ve had a week off this week and have done barely anything with it, and you know, It felt great! Not too sure what’s wrong with me lately. When I get home from work I just don’t want to do anything apart from watch TV n then goto bed. It’s been going on for a few weeks now, Will have to keep an eye on it and see a doctor if it carries on.

A long long time ago I blogged about my IVA payments may be rising because of my (then) new job. Well it was all sorted a few weeks ago, after a small scare of it rising from £275 to £405 a month, It was finally decided that it would stay at £275 for the time being and would only rise, by a very small amount, if and when I have my next pay rise, So that was some good news. It means I can now carry on saving a small amount each week for a holiday this year, The first in 7 years!


Account Update

Well following on from the last posting, I got a letter from Citibank today to say that My new Bank Account with them has been opened and a shiny new Visa DELTA card will be arriving in the post any day now 😀 Who would’ve thought a small square piece of plastic could bring so much joy. LOL

Sit Happy It’s Taut

Well the Bank Account saga continues..

After all the song, dance and performance of opening an account with Yorkshire Bank, I’ve decided to ditch it. The card was fine, It felt great having a proper debit card again, But the internet banking.. Oh..My..God! It was poo! You couldn’t pay bills online, or even just send money to people, (I do that often as i’m just so nice), All you could basically do was look at your statement online, Which I found a bit pointless. So now i’ve gone back to using my halifax account for the time being with the Manky Electron card. Now as the train station don’t take electron for my weekly season ticket I’ve had to look at these Pre-Paid Cards again.


Well rather handily Splash Plastic have changed their card scheme. The charges are slightly different, You now just pay 99p a month instead of 15p per transaction, and the Card doesn’t look like it was designed for kids anymore which is a bonus if your using it in HMV of Tesco or buying petrol. 🙂

<<-Old “kiddie” card








<< New “Adult” card




Also the car has started to make funny clanky banging noises from the front passenger side wheel when going round the corners so more expense to fix that. 🙁


Well I finally got round to fixing the Terramundi, and I think it looks okay.


Tomorrow at work is going to be interesting as one of the other bus operators, Metroline, are on strike and they run a bus route parallel to the 114 so I think it’s gonna be rather busy. 🙁

Had a letter from IVA people today asking for confirmation that I’m not paying into a pension. Not sure how i’m supposed to give them confirmation if i’m not paying into one. Also got to send them details of my new Pay rates as my pay has increased, But also evidence that my Travel to work costs have gone up. I’m hoping that this means eachother cancel themselves out and they won’t increase my payments.